1st Prize

Team RSG
Team Leader Rimmon Bhosale
Mentor Siddharth Nair
For us, this hackathon has been a very special event for many reasons, a few of which we are mentioning here. First of all, we never felt left out, but rather it was a very involving process right from the introductory session till the final presentations. It didn’t just provide us with a platform to work on problems with social impact but also provided us with invaluable guidance. Another important point we liked about this hackathon was its urge for an explainable solution which is truly the need of time for AI in Healthcare. We are extremely grateful to the DERBI Foundation and SINE, IIT  Bombay, and all the organizing families for providing this enriching opportunity. Once again, we thank you very much for organizing this wonderful event!

2nd Prize

Team LeaderIndra Kumar K
MentorRashmi Uppin
This hackathon enhances our skill towards the application of Deep Learning in Medical image segmentation. The hackathon orientation program taught us different perspectives (Incremental learning, Transfer learning, Ensemble learning) and helped to improve our idea towards the implementation stage.Thanks to our mentors (Sateesh sir and Rashmi mam) and the Derbi Foundation for supporting us throughout this hackathon.

3rd Prize

Team Artificial-Mind
Team Leader Shivam Tawari
Mentor Sangmesh
We have been feeling really great after receiving this mail. It was a really great experience in the past 20 days working with the Derbi Foundation. The sessions before the hackathon( Hackathon Orientation Sessions by Pragyan AI)  were amazing and made sure that we had the knowledge for building the solution. We would also like to thank our mentor Mr. Sangameshwar Biradar, who has guided us during the Hackathon.

Consolidation Prize

Team LeaderAtharva Khedkar
MentorShreyas Hegde

Being a part of AI for HealthCare Hackathon was a wonderful experience in which we got to learn a large variety of machine learning concepts from basics to advanced and interact with amazing mentors. It has been an astonishing experience overall.

Consolidation Prize

TeamJanitri Innovations
Team LeaderAravind Prasad
MentorDr. Bharati Harsoor

Experience: A wonderfully organized virtual hackathon by Derbi Foundation. The guidance from the mentor was timely and helped us in exploring the novelty idea.

Consolidation Prize

TeamMedical Explorers
Team LeaderNicola Mascarenhas
MentorGiridhar N R

While developing a solution to detect different eye diseases from retinal scans initially sounded daunting, to say the least, it was really a great learning experience to develop a solution that has the potential of changing people’s lives. I would like to thank our mentor, Giridhar Sir, for his continuous guidance and all my fellow teammates whose combined efforts brought about this solution. I would also like to thank the organizers for organizing this hackathon as well as conducting amazing orientation sessions and thought leaders’ talks throughout the hackathon.

Final Teams Selected for Jury Pitching

TeamTeam MemerbsMentor
SolutionnetVinat Goyal (TL), Yatharth, Yogeshwar, Ashish & RajeshwarUdayKumar
TrailblazerAtharva Khedkar (TL), Shivam, Aniket & KrushnakantShreyas Hegde
D-CodersDr Venkata Rajesh Kumar PSiddharth Nair
RSGRimmon Bhosale(TL), Shikha & GauravSiddharth Nair
Home RunMrudang Pandya (TL), Ritik, Rutvik, Karan & Dishank  Sudip Gupta
Hash DirectorsSanthosh (TL), Amruth, Heman, Hiroshith, Balaragavesh, Adel & HemmasriSudip Gupta
Fabulous FiveLakshmi R (TL), Abhinesh, Bhooshan, Madhumita & RagaveeSangmesh
Artificial-MindShivam Tawari (TL), Aditya & VishalSangmesh
ExtremistIndra Kumar (TL), Aishwarya, Subasini, Sree Haran, Rishibalaji, Hari & ArivalanRashmi Uppin
Medical ExplorersNicola Mascarenhas (TL), Pranay, Yash, Mario, Sweta & SwatiGiridhar N R
Team SingularityNikhil Chandra (TL), Venkata, Dr Jhansi, Vamsi, Swasthika & ShobharaniDr. Bharati Harsoor
Janitri InnovationsAravind Prasad (TL), Saicharan & RutviDr. Bharati Harsoor